Crime in Cinema São Luiz 
Animated short film directed by Olímpio Costa (Recife, 2022).
Miss Nina Simone
Tribute to the pianist, singer, songwriter, and black civil rights activist (Recife, 2023).
Reading Changes Your Content (Buenos Aires, 2008).
Tribute to sister cities from Northeast of Brazil (Recife, 2019).
April Pro Rock – A Festival Spectacle (Recife, 2008).
I Love You, My Heart 
Digital Typographic Composition (São Paulo, 2012).
Gonzagão – 110th Anniversary
Tribute to Luiz Gonzaga, the King of Baião (Recife, 2022).
Digital Typographic Composition (Recife, 2015).
The Former Magician
Animated short film based on a Murilo Rubião's story directed by Olímpio Costa (Recife, 2016).
L13RDADE (Freedom)
Digital Typographic Composition (Recife, 2022).
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